Happy Passover!  A big mazel tov and thank you to Mary and Joe for their hard work in hosting this magnificent seder.  This table is set for 34!

Bohbie cuts up the karpas and Mom sets out her four dozen hardboiled eggs, trying to stave off the dreaded Pre-Pesach Panic (PPP).  And you thought the ten plagues were bad.

Our fearless leader Aaron must have said something funny.  On another note, Adam and Madi are moving to South Carolina this summer.  We are excited for them but will miss them.  No doubt.

This year, I got to sit at the Van Ausdal/Wright end of the table.  Then long-lost cousin Jeremy showed up.  I think Jonah the Pirate found him down in Jamaica.

More cousins!  And two aunts.

Mary’s dad took the shot of Hannah, Katie, and me.

Madi is always excited to take a siblings photo of us.  Hannah is a great photographer, despite having my mom and me as her subjects.

Lars’s parents came all the way from Norway.  The Oremlands and Olsens love face-swapping apps.

Next year in Jerusalem!


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