Mamaroneck, New York


My sister Lisa and I flew out to New York to visit Grandma for the weekend.  When we were little, the stone path in the backyard would be teeming with slugs after dark.  For some reason, there are no longer any nighttime slug visitors, much to my chagrin.


Everyone adores the Japanese maple, the belle of the backyard.


A trip to Grandma’s would not be complete without hammock time and a good book.


Our cousin Athena also stayed the weekend with us.  She currently lives in Washington Heights and attends Hunter College.  She just finished her first year in the urban planning graduate program.  Of the many poodles Grandma has had over the years, Leo is the first boy.


Although Lisa and I are almost six years apart, we are sometimes mistaken for twins.


We went for an evening stroll at the yacht harbor.  Even though it is only a few minutes’ walk from Grandma’s, we wondered why none of us had ever been there before.


My next question was, what would we name our yacht?  And more importantly, why doesn’t Grandma have a yacht?


My first selfie with this camera


It was a lovely evening, indeed.


The next day, Cousin Aaron arrived from Brooklyn with Uncle Don and Sandra.


Prepping to get into formation


Feel the BERN(kopf)


New York state of mind


Family reunion on the porch


I’m pretty sure this happens every time this brother-sister duo are in the same room.  Athena dominates with her rugby skills, but Aaron always finds leverage.


Going to Walter’s is a crucial part of the Mamaroneck experience.  They have been serving hotdogs since 1919.  Be prepared to stand “on line” for half an hour or maybe longer.  The hotdogs are butterfly cut and grilled to perfection.  Try the double dog with their signature mustard, curly fries, and sweet potato spuds.  Top it off with a chocolate shake, because there is no such thing as too much dessert at Grandma’s.  It is also a proven fact that all Bernkopfs love chocolate, except for Aaron.  There is no accounting for taste, I suppose.

One of the great mysteries on earth has been revealed.  How is it possible to put one’s hair in a bun using only chopsticks?  Athena demonstrates with not two, but one!  And it’s not even a chopstick; it’s a stick, like from a tree!


Well done, cousin!  Man bun = success.


Someone remarked that from the back, Uncle Don is now indistinguishable from Grandma.  It wasn’t me.


At last, we find the ocean.


Peace out, New York!  Bernkopfs out.

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