Chicago River and Montrose Beach


I didn’t want to take my camera on the water, so as a result, all the photos you see here are borrowed from Natalia and Margareth.  We gathered at the boat launch to canoe up the Chicago River for a going away party of sorts.  I’m moving to Thailand in July!  If you didn’t know, now you know.


We paddled north from Roscoe St. and made it to about Foster Ave.  Many of the houses on the river have their own docks.  I felt like I was in New Orleans or somewhere.  The only way you remember you’re in Chicago is by the street signs on the bridges and when the brown line train passes overhead.


After canoeing, we biked to the Roscoe Village neighborhood for lunch.  Where exactly is Roscoe Village, you might ask?  As my uncle Joe, a former neighborhood resident, would say, “As far as you can push a stroller.”

photo 4

Our final stop was Montrose Beach.

photo 2

Margareth definitely picked the right random person to take our group photos!  She has a good eye.

photo 1.jpg

My favorite yoga inversion, the headstand.

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