Father’s Day


Somehow, this is my dad’s first appearance on my blog.  Well, he really has nowhere to hide today, as it is Father’s Day after all.  Here’s Dad doing one of the things he loves best.


On special occasions, it is traditional to give our parents handmade cards.  The objective is to induce a reaction of uncontrollable laughter.  Usually, the theme of these cards falls into one of two categories:  (1) Farts or (2) Poop.  This one I made is a Number Two.  Warning:  If you don’t appreciate bathroom humor the way my family does, skip this part.  But also, what is wrong with you?


So far, neither the Cubs nor Hallmark have yet to offer me a writing contract.  There is a huge untapped market for Cubs poop Father’s Day cards.  Just trying to fill a void here, people.


Madi, looking glamorous.


Preparing for the feast


Looking good, fam.


Happy Summer Solstice!


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