Forest Monastery

The German owner of the guesthouse where I stay, Willi (pronounced with a V sound), kindly offered to drive me to my meditation retreat at Wat Tam Doi Tone, a forest monastery about an hour and a half west of Chiang Mai towards Burma.  Willi has given me many pieces of wisdom about Thailand, and the long car ride was a … More Forest Monastery

Arrival in Chiang Mai

The view from my balcony in Chiang Mai, one of the few times I’ve seen rain since I’ve been in Thailand.  This guesthouse is serving as my home base for the time being.  I arrived in Chiang Mai via overnight train.  The second class sleeper was rather comfortable, other than the arctic temperature of the air … More Arrival in Chiang Mai

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Two days in Bangkok was plenty for me.  I was eager to move on to greener pastures.  I took a taxi to the Hua Lamphang train station and boarded the train to Ayutthaya.  The trip was about 45 miles and took about an hour and a half.  My ticket cost 15 baht, or about 43 cents … More Ayutthaya, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Way back when I first arrived in Thailand (four days ago), I was really impressed by sights like this one.  I posted this picture on Facebook on my first day with the caption “Greetings from Bangkok!”  About a hundred temples later, I realized that there is nothing special about this one.  You see a temple, … More Bangkok, Thailand