Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, as on countless other family occasions, we got nostalgic about Tom Lehrer’s 1965 album of political satire songs, That Was The Year That Was.  Who could forget these classic mother-related rhymes, “So long, Mom, I’m off to drop the bomb, so don’t wait up for me,” and “Remember, Mommy, I’m off to get a commie, so … More Mother’s Day


Happy Passover!  A big mazel tov and thank you to Mary and Joe for their hard work in hosting this magnificent seder.  This table is set for 34! Bohbie cuts up the karpas and Mom sets out her four dozen hardboiled eggs, trying to stave off the dreaded Pre-Pesach Panic (PPP).  And you thought the … More Passover

New England

I made a brief stop in Boston before catching the commuter train to Providence, Rhode Island.  Here is the view from outside of South Station.  I felt like a child trying to cross through the rotary and not get hit by a car. I got to admire the Capitol building while waiting for my friend … More New England

Pritzker Cottage

We were invited to stay in the Pritzkers’ “cottage” just outside South Haven, Michigan because our friend Margareth’s parents work for them.  It’s actually in Covert, Michigan, which I found out is called that for a reason.  They don’t make it easy to find the place, which on a fire lane off of Blue Star Highway. … More Pritzker Cottage

Delafield, Wisconsin

  Eric, Brandon, and I celebrated our collective 109th birthday with a trip to Delafield, Wisconsin, where we went cross country skiing with friends Natalia, Margareth, Claudia, Charlie, and Sarah.  Charlie figured out how to use the self-timer on my new camera.


I got a new camera, and I’m going to share some of my photos with you.  I will be posting my travel photos here, too.